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Related post: parts, and he did not believe in the cauterizing method,
which could not extend into the ovaries and tubes, or
along the lymphatics. He spoke of a case that he had
seen where the uterus had been extracted, but, owing to
a defect in the operation, the left ovary had been left in
place. Three years after the disease had appeared ex-
actly in the site of the left ovary. There had been
no laceration of the cervix. The patient had had a
number of abortions, but the cancer had been a super-
fieial epithelioma. He spoke of a case that he had seen
in which the patient had been to several physicians
before she had come to him. The cancer had advanced
too far to be operated on. Since that time she had had
several physicians, and all but one of them had said that
her disease was not cancer. She had died recently, and
he had been told that the physician attending her
had said she had " stomach complaint " which had " rup-
tured the bowels." This case, which had presented a
typical clinical picture of uterine carcinoma, had been
verified by a microscopical examination by one of our
best-known pathologists, and was evidence that some
physicians were at least careless in their observations.
Dr. Wells agreed with the previous speaker that
the operation by the cautery ought to be condemned,
except in " inoperable " eases. The best operations were
those which removed the greatest amount of tissue,
where not only the uterus was removed, but as many of
the adjacent lymph nodes as possible.
Dr. E. Pierre Mallett thought that some credit
should be given to Dr. Byrne for his work in this line.
The operation was not only the Naprelan Coupon amputation by the
cautery knife of the diseased or suspected tissue, but
also a cooking or dry roasting of the adjoining tis-
sues. In cutting with the knife, all of the lymphatic Naprelan 375
channels were opened, and carcinomatous cells could
penetrate Naprelan 500 Mg into adjacent structures, whereas in this
operation the influenee of the heat extended consider-
ably beyond the limits of the incision and destroyed
these cells, so that even if it was not possible Buy Naprelan to remove
and destroy all of the diseased tissue, the patient, was at
least given a period of immunity from recurrence which
no other record could show. Dr. Byrne reported cases
(forty recoveries out of sixty-five) in which the patients
had been free from recurrence from two to twenty-two
years, or an average of nine years for each, while Dr.
Polk reported fifty cases treated by complete hysterec-
tomy, of Naprelan 750 which he said " every one relapsed within two
years," and Dr. Munde twenty-five cases, of which he
said " invariable recurrence within six to nine months."
He did not think one should condemn an operation
which evidently was not thoroughly understood and had
not been seen. Dr. Byrne's work in this direction had
not received due recognition.
Dr. Newman spoke of seeing a patient two years ago
operated Naprelan Cr on by Dr. Byrne. The patient at Naprelan 750 Mg the Naprelan Naproxen present
time was entirely well. Naprelan 750mg
Dr. George H. Mallett said that, so far as statis-
tics went. Dr. Byrne's method seemed to have the ad-
vantage over hysterectomy. He had absolutely no mor-
tality with his operations; he had done from sixty to
eighty operations without any shock or any bad symp-
toms whatever, and he had had patients who had been
free from the disease from nine to twenty-one years;
whereas, taking the operations of eighty-four physicians
in Mew York, the average time Naprelan 500 of recurrence was two
years, and a ease in which the speaker operated lately
had recurred in six weeks.
The President thought these results were too good
to be true. Speaking of the conservatism of the Eng-
lish, some of their writers thought it was better to leave
V. Y. Mud. Jocr.,
cancer of the uterus aJ and also cancer of the
eemed to Naprelan 500mg us ra1 her trai
removals of both organs bad done more harm than
good in the long ran. Ai Lea i. Sir Benjamin Brodie
i" have said, after he had removed five
hundred i i ceroi breasts, that he would aever remove
another without telling the patient that
would prohahly not prolong her life.
Dr. Walkeb thought that the object was rei
of diseased tissue, and did nut =oe how cauterizing was
■ in;, better than the knife. He thought the case report-
ed Naprelan 375 Mg b] a previous speaker, where the ovarj had been left,
shewed that complete extirpation would have been the
better method.
The President thoughl il was not always . .

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