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A second class of phenomena which I think deserve
more attention than it has received, is that pertaining to
the vaso-motor system and the blood. Very soon, often
within six months of the inception of the disease, there ap-
pears a peculiar flushing of the face which gives to patients,
along with the facial rigidity, a most characteristic physi-
ognomy. There is apparently also an increase of vascu-
larity in the skin which causes sensations of heat and fever ;
the sudoriferous glands are stimulated. The increased vas-
cularity affects the muscles, irritating the muscular nerves
and causing the fidgets and restlessness so commonly ob-
A study of the pulse will show that it is at first feeble -
and soft ; later it is full, rather tense, and sotnetimes a little
quickened. I have made a number of sphygmographic trac-
ings which I submit to you here. These show an unusual
amplitude of the curve, with evidences of considerable vas-
cular fullness. They resemble the sphygmograms of arte-
rial fibrosis, but there is a weaker percussion wave indi- Order Vasodilan
cating distended or dilated vessels. The patients, how-
ever, do not suffer from throbbing or bounding feelings or
from palpitations. This is because the heart is not hyper-
trophied or overactive, but, if anything, is less strong than
I believe it to be shown that we have in this disease
all the evidences of a pretty general vaso-motor paralysis.
This affects the skin and Order Vasodilan Online muscular systems, the spinal cord
and nerves, perhaps some of the abdominal viscera, but
not, as I shall show later, the cerebral Purchase Vasodilan Online hemispheres or cere-
I would remind you in this connection that occasionally
tachycardia occurs.
There is a third class of symptoms which I believe of
essential importance : it is that which includes the disturb-
ances of the blood and of metabolism. In a certain pro-
portion of cases of shaking palsy attacks of purpura hiem-
orrbagica occur. I have a patient who has an attack every
one or two years, each attack lasting several weeks. In
other cases glycosuria is present and the amount of sugar
may be considerable. In some cases there is an excessive
discharge of phosphates.*
Through the kindness of Dr. Thomas S. Southworth, of
this city, I have been able to have made very careful exami-
nations of the blood of two typical of paralysis agi-
tans Buy Cheap Vasodilan — one in an early and one an advanced case. The cor- Buy Vasodilan Online
* Vrbi\e Chcron (Le Prog, tried., 1877, No. 48) Purchase Vasodilan states that there i»
polyuria and phosphaturia in this disease, Giirtler (Arcliiv f. Psych.,
Bd. xiv, 1883), Ewald (Berlin, klin. Woch., 1883, Nas. 32 and 33), and
Hiiber (Virchow's Archiv, .108, p, 62),. do .not find any special anoma-
[N. Y. Med. Joub.,
II.— Rndial piilso, paralysis a?itans. J. C. male, aged forty-six : duration.
III.— K.. male, ased fifty-seven ; duration three years.
TV. — Same case.
V .— F.. male, at;ed seventy-five : duration, fifteen years ; not advanced.
VI.— Uaustm.. inalo, atred liithty ; duration unknown : case advanced and senile.
VII.— H.. male, aged eighty-fix ; duration, three years ; advanced stage, very senile.

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