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Related post: have been the cause of the cessation of haemorrhage. Such
a cessation is, however, not to be relied upon : as soon as the
sound is introduced and the cut surface removed, the bleeding
These discoveries at length taught me to make section of
the brain by first piercing the thin skull with a long knife
made for the purpose, and then cutting down through the
brain-substance. As a rule, such a section into the brain-cavity
resulted in an unimportant haemorrhage.
I operated without exception on Guinea-pigs about three
months old, lightly narcotized by chloroform or chloral hy-
drate ; the animals were tracheotomized, stretched on their
backs and connected to the respiratory and transcribing ap-
paratus by means of a T-formed glass rod, according to the Analgin Tablets
method already used by Ilering and Breuer.
Guinea-pigs, whose spinal cords ha/ve heen divided, continue
to respire when poisoned with strychnia.
Section of the medulla oblongata at the point of the cala-
mus scriptorius had always analogous and the expected re-
sults. The animals ceased to breathe.
If I now a])plied artificial respiration for two or three min-
utes, in order to cause the blood to continue its circulation,
and injected .8 cc. of a one-per-cent. solution of strychnia into
the abdominal or pectoral cavity, the animal became convulsed
after the hipse of a few minutes, and at the same time tlie

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