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Related post: one of the most, if not the most, important means for the
diagnosis of the anomaly. He did not think astigmatism
more productive of progressive myopia than of any other form
of ametropia.
Dr. H. D. Notes had found the ophthalmometer a most valu-
able and time-saving instrument.
Progressive Hypermetropic Astigmatism.— Dr. J. B.
Emeeson, of New York, read the history of a case the records
of which extended from 1879 to 1888.
CEdema of the Chorioid and Retina.— Dr. E. Jackson, of
Philadelphia, reported the case of a young man who had been
struck in the eye with a marble or a small stone, causing a bruise
of the left eyeball. The ophthalmoscope showed localized swell-
ings of the chorioid and retina at the posterior pole of the eye, the
chorioidal spots having the usual grouping of ruptures in this
region. These spots disappeared in about a week. There was
also at first some (0*75 D.) myopic astigmatism, which gradually
diminished and entirely disappeared in three weeks, leaving the
sight perfect.
A New Form of Cataract Knife. — Dr. Jacksox also ex-
hibited a knife designed to combine the Buy Eulexin advantages of the
Graefe and Beer knives. The point, resembling that of a Graefe
knife, allowed the puncture and counter-puncture to be made
in the same way as with the Graefe knife, while the rest of the
July 28, 1888.
blade, liavnnjr the shape of Beer's knife, enabled one to complete
the incision as with that instrument. With it the puncture and
counter-puncture were wliollj under control, the flap was com-
pleted at a single thrust, the aqueous was not lost until the in-
cision was nearly finished, and the counter-pressure by the back
of the knife assit^ted in steadying the eye.
New Instruments were presented by Dr. Tansley, con-
sisting of a laerymal syringe ; modified probes for enlarging the
lacrymal canal; a clamp to close the entrance to the laerymal
duct, and prevent the passage of atropine solution into the nose
and throat; and an improved style.
Aluminium Lacrymal Probes were shown by Ur. Theo-
bald. Being very smooth and slippery, they gave less pain than
silver probes, and did not oxidize.
Dr. RisLEY, Dr. Theobald, and Dr. Noyes gave the results
of some examinations as to the size of the lacrymal canal in the
dry skull, and the lesson drawn was that, inasmuch as the size
of the canal varied much in difierent subjects, and Flutamide Eulexin perhaps also
on the two sides in the same subject, one could be governed in
the use of probes only by actual trial in each case.
Symptomatic Myopia. — Dr. Mittendohf said that the fact
that myopia as a symptom of certain affections of the eye was
so little appreciated had led him to prepare this paper. Trau-
mati^m might give rise to symptomatic myopia, but the condi-
tion occurred more commonly with some disease. In some
rare cases it had been caused by dislocation of the lens forward.
Of greater frequency was a myopic condition due to swelling of
the lens in the initial stage of cataract. Myopia could be dem-
onstrated only when the lens remained sufficiently clear. The
vision migiit be relieved temporarily with concave glasses.
Myopia was present in infiltration of the vitreous and during
the course of glaucoma, serous chorioiditis, and iritis. It proba-
bly occurred most frequently in iritis. It disappeared when the
eye was restored to health. Illustrative cases were mentioned
to show that a myopic condition was brought on by the diseases
enumerated, and that it disappeared with their cure.
Dr. KoLER, recently of Vienna, thought that the myopia in
iritis might be due to spasmodic action of the muscle, as it was
possible only partially to overcome the irritation present and
produce paralysis of accommodation.
Dr. Green, of St. Louis, said that since the time, twenty
years previously, when he had first observed transient myopia
in iritis in his own case, he had found the condition to be not
uncommon, and while he was not prepared to advance any
theory for its explanation entirely satisfactory to his own mind,
yet he was loath to admit that it was due to spasm of accom-
Hysterical Blindness in the Male. — Dr. W. Oliver
MooRK, of New York, stated in this paper that Briquet had
found, out of one thousand cases of hysteria, fifty in males,
while other authors had found the proportion of males to fe-
males suffering from the disease as one to fifteen. From 1875
to 1885, in France, no fewer than five theses on hysteria in the
male had appeared. In males the symptoms lasted longer than

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