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Related post: tect either fluctuation or an increased resistance denoting a
tumor ; nothing being found upon the surface and no ten-
sion being discovered indicative of deeper lesion, further
exploration can be conducted with a small Propranolol Online aspirating needle,
or with a probe or grooved director. The general harmless-
ness of the introduction of a small hollow needle into the
brain has been Purchase Propranolol Online clearly demonstrated already.
Further Investigations.
If the symptoms have been sufficiently grave to call for
so much exploration, it is not likely that the careful separa-
tion of the convolutions with the rounded point of the
probe, or even the pushing of the same through the layers
of the cortex, will give rise to any serious disturbance, while
the needle or the probe may reveal the presence of pus, or,
by the increased resistance offered by a tumor, may indicate
its presence.
Should a tumor present or be discovered, the method
of its removal will depend somewhat on its depth and char-
acter. Incisions for the removal of tumors should be made
perpendicularly to tive surface of the brain, both because
bleeding can be mo. '•eadily controlled and because, by
[N. Y. Med. Jodr.,
tlu'Mo vi-rtltrHl outH, the paths taken by tlu' filn-rs of tlic cor-
t('\ to till' inti'iiinl oapsiilo aro dividi'd to llic Hiiiallcst |ioh-
sil)li> cxtuiit ; in otiicr words, all iiiciHiunH hIiouKI I>o (lin>i-t('o supposed, a prominent

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