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that the phrase "take as directed," which was used
in place of the directions for taking, gave Where To Buy Red Ginseng no clue Korean Ginseng Price
to the dose. Our repeated references to the danger Where To Buy Ginseng Root
involved in failure to write out the full directions
are justified by the repetition of errors of this kind,
which probably would not have been made had the
directions been written out on the prescription.
Iletos Items.
Venice turpentine, Ginseng Root Price a thick, resinous preparation
with an acrid taste, seems to be a popular remedy
in Great Britain for colds and for the pain in the
back that quacks ascribe to kidney disease. Dr.
William Angus communicates to the British Ginseng 100 Mg Medi-
cal Journal for April 5, 1913, a short account of a
patient who was sent to him by his medical ad-
viser as suffering probably from scarlet fever, as
he presented over the entire body a vivid, scarlet,
punctate rash, as well as marked redness and mot-
tling of the fauces. Doctor Angus attributes the
rash, which soon faded away without further symp-
toms or desquamation, Red Ginseng Tablets to the Venice turpentine
which the patient had been taking for a "cold."
The slight rise in temperature which was noted
was due probably to this slight ailment.
of New York.
Dr. Francis Parker Kinnicutt died suddenly on
May 2nd, at a monthly meeting of the Practi-
tioners' Society held at the house of one of the
members. Doctor Kinnicutt went to the meeting
in good health, but while Where Can I Buy Ginseng Root there was seized with a Where To Buy Korean Ginseng
sudden faintness and died a few moments later.
Born in Worcester, Mass., on July 13, 1846, Doc-
tor Kinnicutt graduated Buy Korean Ginseng from Harvard in 1868 as
A. B., receiving the title of A. M. in 1872. After a
three years' course at the College of Physicians and
Surgeons, Buy Ginseng Root of New York city, he received, in 1871.
bis diploma as doctor of medicine. For two years
be took a postgraduate course at Heidelberg and
Vienna and then returned, in 1875, to New York,
where he settled as practitioner. Since 1893 he had
held the chair of clinical medicine at the College of
Physicians and Where To Buy Panax Ginseng Surgeons. Doctor Kinnicutt was
connected with the Presbyterian Hospital. St.
Luke's Hospital. Woman's Hospital, Hospital for
the Ruptured and Crippled, and many others. He
also took an active part in civic life, and thus was a
member of the advisory board of the commissioner
of health of New York city ; of the advisory board
of the port offices of the State of New York, etc.
From 1885 he was, together with Dr. N. B. Pot-
ter, editor of the English translation of Sahli's
Clinical Diagnosis. In 1907 he was president of
the Congress of American Physicians and Sur-
geons. Doctor Kinnicutt was a member of the
New York Academy of Medicine and many other
societies, and was a charter member of the Medical
Association of the Greater City of New York.
Admired by his Buy Ginseng Tea friends and fellow practitioners,
his loss will be greatly felt.
Change of Address. — Dr. C. A. Wilson-Prevost, to The
Wyoming, Fifty-fifth Street and Seventh Avenue, New
Meetings of Philadelphia Medical Societies. — During
the coming week meetings of medical societies will be held
in Philadelphia as follows : Monday, May 12th, Samaritan
Hospital Medical Society ; Tuesday, May 13th, Korean Ginseng Tablets Pediatric
Society ; Wednesday, May 14th. County Medical Society ;
Thursday, May 15th, County Medical Society, Northeast
Branch ; Friday, May i6th. Jefferson Hospital Clinical Soci-
ety and Where To Buy American Ginseng the County Medical Where To Buy Ginseng Tea Society, Southeast Branch.
A Merger of Medical Colleges on the Pacific Coast. —
It is reported that the Medical Department of Willamette
University, Salem, Ore., has been merged with the medical
department of the University of Oregon, Portland, the
merger to take effect Buy Red Ginseng at the conclusion of the present col-
lege year. There will be hereafter only one medical college
in the State, the medical department of the State univer-
Philadelphia County Medical Society. — At a Buy American Ginseng meeting
of the West Branch of this society, to be held on May
20th, Surgeon General Stokes, United States Navy, will
be present and deliver an Buy Panax Ginseng address. After the meeting Price Of Ginseng Root a
reception will be held in honor of Doctor Stokes. The

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