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Related post: complished a given number of periods, Seroquel Buy but when they
have gained the requisite knowledge. Such an examina-
tion would afford a standard test of the teaching afforded
by the secondary Seroquel Xr schools throughout the State, a standard
to which they should raise themselves, and certainly, as
I have already Buy Seroquel noted, it should include some test of the
candidate's intelligence as distinct Seroquel 300 from his memorizing
ability. Let me sum up here, as regards school and uni-
versity training, that it is contrary to common sense to
appraise the tree by the amount of manure with which its
roots have been dressed and the number of times it has
been watered ; it is rather more usual, as it is more sane,
to estimate its value by the crop it produces.
With all of Adami's contentions we are perforce
compelled to agree, for they are but statements of
the painful truth. As to his suggestions for their
remedy, Seroquel 100 though we are not quite ready, perhaps, to
accept them as the 25 Mg Seroquel only means by which the desired
end m^ay be accomplished, we feel that as the fruit Seroquel 100 Mg
of profound thought, based upon a clear understand-
ing of the conditions, they deserve the serious atten-
tion of the entire profession — and more, of those
who have primary and secondar\- educational mat-
ters in their hands.
An investigation conducted Seroquel 50mg by the New York
State Board of Health in 191 1 disclosed the fact
that of 377 summer resorts inspected by it, 257
had little or no sanitary provision for the accom-
modation of their guests. This 50 Mg Seroquel is Seroquel Online especially notable
when it is considered that these places cater almost
exclusively to individuals from the larger cities,
where the most approved sanitary conveniences
are prescribed by rules to which the local health
laws allow few exceptions. That these individuals
should be willing to spend, or have their families
spend the summer months in Seroquel Mg such places, under
the guise of a search for health — when the best
privy accommodation, at least from the standpoint
of comfort, is, perhaps, the open vault variety, and
when the water supply, in cleanliness, at least,
would compare unfavorably with the waste water
of Cheap Seroquel their city homes — is inexplicable. It seems that
if a summer resort fulfills the gastronomic and
social requirements of its guests nothing more is
required of it. Yet when the physician is con-
sulted, as he so frequently is, as to the best place
to which to go, only the health and sanitary aspects
should be considered by him. He should, there-
fore, have more than merely a vague idea of the
physical conformation of the country to which 100mg Seroquel he
is advising his patients to go. He should be pos-
sessed of a definite knowledge of the climatic con-
ditions, and especially the sanitary provisions Seroquel 200 made
for the accommodaton of the summer population ;
else he should confess Seroquel 50 his inability to give any
advice on the subject at all.
In a recent supplement to the reports of the
United States Public Health Service, Dr. William
C. Rucker, of that service, called attention to the
danger of contracting typhoid fever in summer
resorts, and even went so far as to formulate rules
for the avoidance of typhoidal infections, for those
who must make their yearly pilgrimage to these
places. The yearly autumnal increase in the
typhoid incidence in large 50mg Seroquel cities having a protected
water supply is largely due to importations by re-
turning summer resort patrons. Seroquel 25 Mg Part of the
responsibility for the typhoid fevers thus contracted
rests on the shoulders of the physicians who are
ignorant and have not made it their duty to find out
whether the resorts are sanitarily conducted, and
to advise against those which are not. For after
all, the practising physician is the modern sani-
tarian. He must impress the knowledge on his
patients, and in this way on the community Seroquel 50 Mg at large.
Without the cooperation of the public, gained
through the influences of the physician, the finest
and most highly organized sanitary authorities can
do nothing. On the other hand, the boards of
health should lay a strict quarantine against places
operating as summer resorts whose sanitary pro-
visions are not adequate. It is a pleonasm to say
that an establishment which caters to a large num- Purchase Seroquel
ber of persons for profit Seroquel 25 should be compelled to
protect them against disease. It should have a
properly protected water supply, a proper and effi-
cient means of sewage disposal, or else be closed
as a public nuisance. The mere installation of

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