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Related post: casionalh' in the fasting stomach, and it may be in-
termittent or continuous. The aetiology is doubtful.
In intermittent cases the mucus may come from the
nose, mouth, pharynx, in continuous it ma\- be a
inixture of the secretion of the superficial epithelium
and of the mucous glands. The attack of intermit-
tent gastromyxorrhoea may begin with headache.
loss of appetite, nausea, etc., but more usually be- Order Imuran
gins Buy Cheap Imuran in the midst of perfect health, often early in
the morning soon after awakening. The most strik-
ing symptom of this paroxysmal attack Buy Imuran is Order Imuran Online severe
voiniting, which is intractable in the true sense of
the word, inasmuch as it cannot be successfully
combated by any remedy. The vomited matter
consists of large quantities of tough, slimy liquid,
finally of bile and intestinal juices, but contains no
food remains. Pain in the region of the stomach
is not present, or if it is, it is of no moment. Dur-
ing the attack the stomach refuses to retain food,

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