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Subject: "My First Sergeant"Hey, guys . Hopefully some horny underaged
of you have recognized my name and are
probably surprised at finding a story from me under "Military". But
that's not so surprising really. I did underage pics yr spend 8 years in the Army
(airborne infantry, at that !). Needless to say, back then, it younger babes underaged was
not the easiest (or safest) thing to do - to `play around' in uniform,
but it could (and did) happen from time-to-time.Now let's get the "legal stuff" out of the way ... This story
contains graphic sexual activity between consenting adult males ..
But, if you are under 18 or in a geo-political area that
prohibits this type of literature, or you are offended by
homo-erotic story themes, go click on your "Back" button
!!! Otherwise, read on, and maybe underaged pussy `steam it up' a bit.. and
remember.. this is my story .. so please don't steal underage sexclips
it, or
edit it, or send it somewhere else!
My First Sergeant by CNJShore9
It was my third weekend in basic training. Next week we would be
taking the "long march" out to the bivouac area fat underage girls and getting the
pleasure of living in the field, spending all day on the ranges,
climaxed by a night of tactical training under live fire. Yeah, they
actually shot real bullets over your head and set off charges of tnt
around you. All you had to do was `stay low' and craw under 50-feet
of barbed wire entanglements!!! (fun without any capital "F").Needless to say, at this point in our training, we underage x were still
restricted to the battalion area, skirts underage girls
and although I could sometimes hear
"rhythmical sounds" at night from somewhere in the barrack's large
bunk room, or see guys sneaking into the latrine at 3am, there wasn't
much going on to relieve the aching balls of a young 20-something underage hot sexy guy.This particular Saturday night, however, I was on `guard duty' for the
barracks and was out `patrolling perimeter' (i.e., walking around the
damned building for the ump-teenth time!!, when our platoon sergeant
came stumbling up the company street.At this point, I should, perhaps, interject a bit of trivia.There were four platoons in our training company. Two of them had
"real" platoon sergeants (grade E-7 Sergeant-First-Class), one had an
E-6 Staff Sergeant, and we were, as it were, `graced' by a young, hot-
to-trot `buck' sergeant (E-5). He, of course, was trying to prove
that he was just as good as the other, older, more-experienced
leaders; so he was porn underage videos
really a nasty "prick" when it came down to the
final tally!!However, when it did `come down to it', speaking of "pricks". he did
have a very definitely large bulge in the front of those fatigues!!!!
He was only about 5'8" or 9" (compared to the other three sergeants
who were all at 6' or more), but he was very `compact'! He had naked underaged boys
a nice
build and underage girls nudism
- for back then, before all teen underaged porn the hoopla of body-building and
gyms - a really nice set of arms, chest and legs. He was a border-
line blonde, almost a light brown, with icy green eyes. When you
screwed up, those eyes could turn you into an iceberg underages girls naked
of chilled flesh
in a second!! And his mouth could fragment you into ice chips in 3
seconds!! Naturally, I'd had my share of screw-ups underaged nude pictures in the past 3
weeks, so I had endured his devastation more than once.My big problem, of course, was that I was gay. (Surprise!) Well,
back then they called us "queer". Yes, it was the mid-60's .. but
there was one big advantage to then underage pussy eating . AIDS had not come into the
picture. and there was no concept of "safe sex". The only time you
needed a condom was when you were fucking a girl, and `safe' meant "no
baby" !! innocent underage teens
So, when you were uncensored underaged models
with another guy, it was skin-on-skin, and
hot juice flowing freely - wherever!!The subsets to that problem, though, were that I knew I was `queer' by
the time I was 14, and I did have some `activity' in high school --
but it was very, very limited and very, very closeted. (You could get
the sh*t beat out of you, if someone thought you were. And most
people, including the sheriff or local cops, would say "damned faggot,
deserved nightclubs underage melbourne it!".) By college, I had decided to `ignore the situation'
and `went straight' (right!, yeah! Ha ha ha!)! So here I was now. in
olive drab. and doing my best to stay soft in the gang shower with all
those hot, hung privates dark underage pussy
(rank and what I was looking at !!). And I
did very well at it somehow. Although Troy was looking better every
day!!! (Damn! can't believe I remembered his name .. it just shot
into my fingers!)But..back to the story..Here was our wonderful (hot little) sergeant coming up the street
toward the barracks - so fucking stewed he could barely walk!!! Well,
it was Saturday night and there is no underage nudist kids
training on Sunday, so he could
well afford to sleep off a hangover.Anyway, I kept my `rounds' going (kept 100 underage amatuer walking around the damned
barracks!). but kept my eye on `dear' Sgt. Perry. He finally made it
to the steps at the back of the barracks, and got about half-way up
the 4 steps before he stumbled again and barely managed to hold onto
the railing and keep himself standing.Some years later, I have learned that drunks do not fall "down underaged schoolgirl the
stairs" - they teen young underage "fall up them" !!! and he was my first real instance
of underage fucking girls seeing that happen.What was about to make it worse. his room was upstairs on the second
floor of the barracks. The likelihood was russians sex underage that he would manage to
break at least one leg, or more, or something else, on the `up' to his
room.As much as I wanted to see that - or simply kick him in the nuts - I'm
really a `nice guy at heart'. so I came to help him."Hey, Sergeant," I started. "Let me give you a hand," I said as I
walked up and put my arm around his back and arm and helped straighten
him up to a more walking position.He turned and looked at me with glassy, blood-shot, but still icy
eyes. For a moment I wasn't sure what was coming next. Then his
whole demeanor sort of softened. underage cartoon pics
"Thanks, Conklin," he said.With that, I damned near fell back down the steps!!!! (and him with
me!!!)"We should be able to make it up the stairs . together," I added."Hope so," he mumbled. Then underage model galery he added, ".but gotta stop and take a
piss first."So here I was, helping the "little bastard" (as he was not-so-
affectionately known by the troops in our platoon) into the barracks
and into the latrine.The next thought in my mind was banned underage models
"Oh, shit!!! Do I have to `help him'?
or what? And, if I do, how do I hold that thing and not underage virgin sluts
let him pedo young underage
that I am enjoying it??? underage schoolgirls pictures
What the fuck do I do now???!!!"I finally managed to get him into the latrine and in front of the
urinal. Luckily, he was able to `take care of himself' at that point,
but I did FINALLY get a look at what was in there!! And. awww shit!!
I whish he'd asked me incest daughter underage to help. It had to be a full, hefty, six
inches.and it was still totally soft!!! It was circumcised, but there
was enough extra skin that it really came underage bbs girls
up over the flared crown of
his cockhead and looked almost like it wasn't. The head was underage illegal pics a
delightful dark red mushroom. The shaft was almost tan and only
slightly less round than the flare. All-in-all, it was `perfect'!!"Stop staring," I told myself. Oh, yes.. lust underage girls It was every bit what I
expected.The only disappointment then was that I couldn't see the under-
pinings."It must have a nice set banned underage girls of balls below it!!!" I thought. "A cock
like that has to have `matching balls'."As he released his bladder, a heavy golden stream spouted into the
urinal - and he leaned back against me. I helped support him until
the flow subsided, he shook it a couple times, and best underage models put it away."Thanks," he mumbled back toward me. underage modell "Now let's get up those damned
stairs!""Sure thing, Sarge," I responded. "You underage incest vids
ready?""Damn! I sure got shitty-faced tonight, didn't I?" he queried."Not to be disrespectful, but . yeah, Sergeant, I think you did."Btw:. in those days, in the Army . you did not ever call a sergeant
"sir". that term was reserved for speaking to warrant and
commissioned officers underage sexy family
. and when you did youngest boys underage use it to a sergeant, you
usually got the response "don't call me `sir', I work for a living!"So here we nasty underage childs
were, me and my sergeant (the "little bastard") arm-in-arm
making our way up the barracks underage grils nude stairs to the second floor to his room.Of course, his room door was locked with underage asian tits a padlock."The key is in my left pocket," he said as we approached the door."I'd rather not go digging down there, sergeant," I replied, knowing
that was a better answer than what I was really thinking and wanting
to do."Oh, yeah," he answered. underage 14 xxx And with some difficulty, he managed to get
his left hand down into his pocket and pull up a ring of keys.He just shoved them in my direction without saying anything, but it
was fairly apparent that he expected me to find the key underaged nn girls and open the
door.Looking at the keys boys underage erect
on the ring - there must underage 13yo models have been close to a
dozen of them - I did match the name "Brinks" on a key with the name
on the lock. When I tried it, underage shocking cp it worked.So there I was now. The door was open, the sergeant was still
sagging, if not more so. So in we went.Somehow I managed to get him all the way (almost 4 feet) over to the
cot and he turned and dropped backwards onto it."Thanks," he managed to mutter. Then he added, "Could you help me get
the boots off?"Actually thinking more of not letting the rest of the guys see him in
this condition, I turned and pushed the door closed, and, for some
reason, latched it with the little bolt underage xxx webcams on the inside. Then I turned
back and began to unlace his boots.While I was doing that, he managed to unbutton his shirt. As I
loosened his boots and pulled them off, he somehow got his shirt off.
And underage topsites underage anime
there he was, lying there in his trousers (and socks)."I don't like to sleep in `clothes'," he murmured. "Just my
skivvies.""Okay," I answered. "How do we work this?" (damn!! was I na

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