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From: Bob Hook
Subject: my pamela anderson nude mp4 good friends boy (part seventeen)Back inside our room, I bleach 1st opening theme hung the do-not-disturb sing, and locked the door
against the outside world. Jason and I stripped out sweet 14 nude
of out swim suits, and
passed through a mostly hygienic shower, cleansing our bodies of the
chlorine, and whatever cumm residue might have been present, from our
pool/spa play. Emerging from the large shower stall, I quickly toweled
myself dry, then wrapped Jason in one of the large, super fluffy towels the
room provided.Sitting down on the edge of the 13 yo nude jpg
tub, I began to towel the naked boy,
fluffing his soft hair, and dabbing at his neck, and shoulders, then rubbing
circles over his chest, making sure the slightly rough towel stimulated his
small nipples into stiffness. Moving lower, I rubbed his smooth tummy with
the towel, while I leaned close to the boy, and flicked porn 3gp movies
my tongue over his
taut little nubs, then gently sucked each one in turn, as his hands rubbed
at my shoulders, and he mewed, softly. With one hand, I moved around to
stroke the towel over his back, while my other hand gently cupped his boy
parts, patting gently with the fluffy material, and smiling, as I felt his
young 14yo sister fuck cock grow fully hard in my hand. I quickly went down, and back up,
each hairless leg, then dropped the towel, 10 min flash porn
one hand firmly grasping his
North pointed erection, while the other hand gripped his creamy butt cheeks,
passing from one to the other. "Hmmm.....sweet....! Purred the boy, and I
slowly stroked his boy nail, my thumb stabbing at his tight little slit, and
rubbing the smooth, shiny, helmet. Sitting back onto my heels, I smiled up
at him, and said, "God, are 15 brothers cock so damn gorgeous!" he grinned at me,
and blushed, sweetly, and mumbled, "Ya think...?" I chuckled, and 30-4 porn nodded
vigorously, adding, "Ohhh Yea.....I most definitely...think!" And I leaned
forward, capturing his rock hard instrument in my mouth, and swallowing it
to its base! "Aggggggg.....Ohhh...Yea...!" He chirped, his hands tangling,
into my hair, as I moved both hands to 13y sex boy anal cup that perfect bubble butt,
spreading it, as my finger slipped into his warm, moist, crack, and pressed
against his prize.Moving my head back and forth, I sucked him lightly, teasing his very 36 outlet strip
with my fingertip, savoring the tiny, tight ridges of tissue that guarded
his entrance, and pressing into it, allowing my fingertip to slip past, and
enter his velvet chute, just slightly. "Ummmmm.....!" He moaned, and I felt
him put downward pressure on my probing finger, as if trying to swallow 3 d crtoon incest my
finger into his depth! I released his rampant cock a minute, and asked him,
"Feel good, Champ...?" And he grunted, saying, amateur 084 "Uh know I like
that....!" I 38d natural big boobs
chuckled softly, and swallowed his dancing prick once again,
adding another inch of finger into his gripping tunnel! I teased him this
way a while, as he groaned, and tugged at tufts of my hair, his small hips
flexing to push his cock into my mouth, and ben10 porn adding still more depth to my
invading finger.I spit out his throbbing cock, and, withdrawing my finger, I stood, and
scooped the once again aroused boy 3o 3o boyz
into my arms, holding him tightly, as he
giggled, and squirmed! Turning toward the door, I paused to grab the K-Y off
the vanity, and 15 y.o. girls
girl aged 10 porno walked into the bedroom, to stand us in front of the floor
to ceiling mirror that hung on the wall. "Check it out, Hot Stuff!" I said,
and Jason twisted pics of 44dd breasts
his head, looking over his shoulder at the mirror. I saw
his reflected face go 34c bras
wide eyed, and the sexy little 14 yo girl fucking
blush appeared on his
creamy cheeks, as he looked at our reflected image, naked man, hard cock
standing straight out and pulsing from his groin, firmly clinging to naked
boy, cock not visible from this angle, but that to-die-for butt prominently
displayed, deliciously, much like the old cigarette add that said, "round,
and firm....and fully packed!" I chuckled at Cum swappers 3 his reaction, and said, "Know
what, Little Dude....that....indicating his bubble butt...looks good enough
to eat!" he giggled sweetly, and turned his head, pressing his blushing face
against my chest, and mumbled, "Uh huh...!"I moved to the king sized bed, and gently laid the boy onto it, and he
rolled onto big brother 10 boobs
his back, arms moving tiny kid 12 porn to cup his hands behind his head, fully
exposing those soft, hairless, underarms to my gaze. I looked down at him,
eyes incest c3 traversing his 1 amateur fighter beauty from head to toe, 12 yo porn mpegs and I felt dbz season 4 my saliva flood my
mouth. He truly was breathtaking, so slim, and smooth, skin so perfect, and
blemish free, slightly Polaris magnum 325 smoking
glowing, from the warm shower, VIDEO 0ORN ANIMAL the towel, and his
inner arousal! Small nipples distended, 22 caliber rubber bullet and slightly puffy, flat, smooth
tummy, with the slightest hint of a bleach 249 baby fat ring gathered at his waist, the
sparse little strands ge silicone sr 355 of pubic cam 4 porn
hair providing a nest for the swollen cock
that panted against it, the snug little ball sack, slightly wrinkled, and
totally hairless, containing the twin orbs that produced the creamy essence
of the auto 1982 and older boy! I said another 14 yo sluts porn silent thanks to the Big Guy, and with a sigh,
lay down beside the beautiful boy, putting 1960 s upskirt
an arm across his body, fingers
moving to his taut nipples, as I buried my face into one creamy armpit,
lapping at the softness there, as he let out a giggle, at my tonguing him
there!I licked at his creamy pit, then, clinic sex video 011 moved to capture a nipple in my lips,
sucking it gently. Moving across his chest, I lapped and sucked at the other
nipple, before moving up to dive into his other armpit, sucking the tender
skin, as he giggled again! One more pass over those stiff little nubs, and I
moved down his torso, lapping at the satin skin, and driving my tongue tip
into 16 yo lollita his 1930 nude girls tiny inny, eliciting yet more giggles! Going lower still, I licked
at the head of his cock, then at the juncture of skin that was the seam of
his circumcision, dancing my tongue over that so sensitive spot, then fuck 13 yr old down
the bottom of his stiff shaft, to lap wetly at his balls, my tongue moving
them around inside the firm little porn videos 365 bag, before gently sucking each bleach manga 387 orb in
turn, as he groaned above me, hips bucking off the mattress.Releasing his tight nuts, I licked behind them, 57th assault helicopter gladiators
pressing firmly into his
perineum, causing him to grunt, 1080p ass traffic torrent and jerk a bit, as I applied external
pressure to his little gland! My arms gripped his smooth legs behind his
knees, and I raised, and spread them until asian 99bb
they rested on my shoulders, and
back, as I moved lower, lapping into his warm, moist crack, and dipping into
his tight little pucker! "Ohohohohoh.....!" 10 best porn movies He squealed, sandra set 297
ebony lesbian 4some and sexy japanese 12yo I lapped at his
core, rolling my tongue, and pushing firmly into his tight hole. His small
fists pounded onto the sheet, and I got my hands under him, fingers digging
into the tender skin, and non nudes 14 y.o.
spreading the boy, briefly gasping as the pink
little wrinkle came into my view, then driving 1980s gay police cartoon
my rolled tongue at cocteau twins 4ad blogspot
pressing through his resistance, and plunging my tongue deeply inside his
hot, velvet, hole! "AHHhhhhhhhhg........Yeeesssss....!" He wailed, and I
drove 13 yo nude girl
myself in and out of his gripping porno 17 age chute, tongue fucking the beauty
like my very life depended on it!I lapped, and tongued, the sweet tasting boy butt until my jaw was literally
aching with pain, then moved out, to capture his ball sack in my 48inch vanity mouth,
sucking, and gently tugging at the bulging bag, as my hand roamed the
mattress, finding the K-Y bottle, and prying it open, then squeezing a large
dollop of the slick goo onto my fingers. Tramadol 120 Ea Bringing my slick hand back under
him, I swiped some of the gel across his tiny pucker, spreading it over my
fingers at board3 cgiworld place the same time, then pressed again against his small pink eye,
until it gave, and my slipper y finger slid full length inside of him, and
bumped his rock hard prostate, as he yelped, loudly, hips jerking up and
down, small fists grabbing bunches of the smooth sheet!
"Ungggggg......OHHhhhhhh.....yesyesyesyesssss....!!" Growled my boy, as I
strummed the hard little nut, moving my finger in and out of him! Bringing
the K-Y down, I squirted more over my fingers, and slowly added a second
finger to the mix, moving both into his clutching tunnel, as gently as I
could! "AHAHAHHHhhhhh....!" He groaned, and I paused, asking bare 3 2 wetsuit
softly, "OK,
Baby....?" He groaned again, and grunted, "uh huh....sorta tight...I'm
good.....!" I nipped at his cute balls again, gently working the two fingers
in and out of him, squirting still 16 tgp more slick gel across them, and delighted
at the near obscene squishing noises the action was making, as I finger
fucked his unbelievably tight rectum!Looking at his sweet, pulsing cock head, I noted the shiny wetness there, as
the stimulation of 1 guy 5 sluts his gland was having its effect, his slimy precum oozing
from the tiny slit! Raising my head, I took the rock hard stalk in my
fingers, and slid it inside my mouth, sucking, and stroking the base with
my finger and thumb, while my othe hand continued to probe his hot hole,
bumping his prostate on each inward press! My taste buds were singing,
flooding my 1 dick 4 pussys mouth with nudists 13-17 saliva, as I savored the nutty taste of his juices,
moving my head, and fingers in sync, as I felt his granite hard shaft swell,
and jerk, and his nuts give it up, amateur cum face 1 pumping his sweet boy load into my mouth,
as I gulped, and swallowed his acrid offering, fingers stabbing at his
quacking gland, in an attempt to drain him of every precious drop!
Ugggggg......Gaaaaaa.....Cummmmssss....!" He wailed, his body jerking, and
his fists hammering the 24 7 adult chat
mattress! I breast implants 420 cc swallowed his sweet offering, and lay my
head on his soft thigh, panting, as I slowed my fingers, then stopped,
gently slipping them from his somewhat stretched tunnel, with a slight
"popping" noise.Moving up, I rolled onto my back, and ADULT ZO0 SEX pulled Jason over to lie on top of me,
our breath coming in ragged gulps, and our chests heaving in rhythm! He laid
his head on my chest, and I 16 y.o. porn art
felt the electric tingle of his silky fine hair
on my skin, and he mumbled, softly, "Oh wow, Rob.....that's soooo amazing!"
I held him and stroked his back, telling him, "Yes...amazing...totally....!"
We rested a while, then I moved my hands lower down his back, cupping his
firm little 16 non nude butt cheeks, and kneading the 98 intrepid auto trans creamy flesh, my finger sliding
inside his crack, and teasing over his porn gallerie 13 yr very slippery hole. He sighed deeply,
and I felt him open his legs wider, as my finger tip slipped back inside mp4 porn stream him
slightly, meeting much less resistance than before. I raised up, and kissed
the 70 s riding toys
top of his head, 12 y.o sex
then moved my body slightly, telling Jason, "Raise up
on your knees, Baby....! He shifted, centering himself on me, and scooted
his knees up beside my hips, lsmag issue12
raising himself slightly above me.Not sure where this was going to go, my decals ls1 trans am burning lust for the boy over ruling
my cautious side, for once, I grasped the K-Y, and jetted a glob onto my
palm, then moved down, and coated my aching erection with the stuff, then
once again moved my slippery age 15 girl naked
fingers to 12yo boy sex Jason's little pucker, adding more
of the stuff there. He raised his head, and looked at me, and in that
second, I knew that he got it.....understood...I, needed fuck my boy...and he gave me a 14 girl sex tiny grin...slowly under 18 porn pictures nodding his
pretty head! He raised his slim body higher, and shifted a bit back,
centering his precious center over my rampant cock, and looked at me again.
His sweet face refelected....what?...longing. to be sure...and...more...not
fear...?....trepidation...maybe...? I gripped andio 18 sex video
my rock hard erection at the
base, and brought it away from my groin, pointed the head at his very core,
and raised my hips slightly, the head 18 girls nude making contact with his slick pucker,
and I gasped loudly at the sensation, muttering,
"Ohhh....God....ohhhh....Baby....!" He bent his head, 18 ban imgboard and looked down
between his transsexual beauty queens 6
legs, then back at free sims 2 porn me, his eyes widened some, and the faint
smile at the corners of his mouth, then inhaled a huge breath, and slowly
lowered his 3 some with milfs slim body down, the contact between our centers 44 gg tits boobs
stronger, and I felt the slick goo on ebony erotica vol 17 his entrance, and then felt 3gp amatuer sex the ribbed
tissues spreading over my drooling cock head as he added weight, and
pressure, until the head of my cock penetrated him, slipping inside far
enough to fully engulf the head! "Ummm....Agggg...!" He grunted, and his
face drew taut, perfect white teeth bared in a grimace, and I literally held
my breath, steeling my every fiber against blowing my load right there, so
incredibly erotic was the moment, as I felt my cock head vibrate and throb,
enveloped in the tightness, and surreal heat of the boy!He grunted again, and sucked in another breath, then pushed downward again,
and another inch or so of my pulsing cock slid 4 pussys and 1dick into his searing heat!
"UMPHhhhh...Ohhhhh..!" 8 mile sex scene He spat, and as I watched his face stretch tighter
yet, and his grimace 13 and naughty
grow wider, he sucked 40 plus naked woman
in an even bigger breath, and
suddenly drove fully downward onto me, his unbelievable tightness, and
incredible inner heat fully swallowing my cock until his sweet little balls
were resting in my pubes! "Owwww.....WOW....AGGgggg.....!" He grunted
loudly, and we both froze, my hands going to grip his small hips, tugging at
him to raise him off me! His hands grabbed my wrists, and he shook his head
violently side to side, grunting at me.
"No....don'!" Every single nerve ending
I possessed was screaming at me, and bi g brother 8
I fought to keep still....I stroked the
soft skin of his thighs, and gently teased his balls, as he gulped deep
breaths, tiny tears dripping from the corners of his azure blue eyes.His arms reached out, and he placed his palms 13yr nudist
flat on my chest, and his
grimace relaxed some, and he gamely gave me a little smile, nodding his
head. "Wow.....that'!" I smiled at him, and nodded,
saying, "We can stop, Champ.....It's ok.....don't want to hurt you...!" He
shook his head rapidly, and mumbled something I missed, then slowly sat up
straighter, damn near causing me to loose it, then slowly 2 girls swallow pee lifted his body,
sliding up the length of my drooling cock, until only the head was inside
him again, and paused there. I ran my fingers up and down his silky thighs,
and forced myself not to drive it right back into him, and waited, until
Jason slowly sank back down, once mp4 xxx again swallowing my rampant cock fully! He
grunted some more, and dabbed at the corner of his eyes, then sucked in more
air, and repeated the up, and down motion! I groaned from somewhere near my
toes, and felt like I would just melt down to liquid, so intense were the
feelings 2k10 baseball swing and sensations screaming through my body!He girls nude 60s
repeated these slow movements up and down several times, then seemed to
visibly relax a bit, and added peed to his movements, gliding that silken
chute the full length of my spitting cock until I was lost, my balls
exploding, and my thick ropes of cumm erupted into his sweet 14 yo pussy
gripping tunnel,
painting his velvet insides with rope after rope of my thick seed, as I
yelled out loud, my fingers digging deeply into his soft thighs!
"AAGGGggggg....shit.....Jase.....Baby.....ohhhhhh....FUCK!!! I roared, and
he fell forward across me, panting and laughing, and crying, all at once, as
I joined him in all three, hugging him tightly to me!(To Be Continued)
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