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Subject: My Journey - Sequel 01My Journey - Sequel One
Written by Larry Laetus - ( )This continues "My Journey" which first appeared in Nifty's camping
category back in August of 2003. It contains graphic sexual acts between
male teens and male adults. If you are under the age of 18, or if
possession of erotic literature is forbidden in your community (tsk), or
readership of material that present sexual relationships between two or
more members of the same sex in not to your liking, or illegal where you
reside, please pass by this story. The author retains all rights to the
story and it may not be distributed or copied to any other web site or
printed source with out written permission of the author. * * * * * * * * * *South of Phoenix, the Estrella Mountains raise up to about the 3,000-foot
level. On the north slope, one of the city's earliest settlers had built a
Spanish hacienda of mud block and cement stucco. They had built in a pool
and surrounded it with living quarters. After their children had left and
just the builder remained, he deeded the property to the local Boy Scout
Council for a camping area. It gave a wonderful view of Phoenix spread out
in the valley below, as far as the eye could see.I was the Scoutmaster of a small scout troop, only 16 boys, but we all felt
with some work, it would grow. My son had volunteered me for the job, just
as he had volunteered me for Cubmaster. The boys were all eager, especially
when it came to camping and they scheduled at least one camp a month. It
was at the Pueblo pre teen non nudes
camp-out that this story begins.My son and his buddy Cory Brown were to tent together. On pre teen model webrings this outing, Cory
could only spend Friday night with us and would return early Sunday morning
to help clean up the site and take the hikes that were planned. My son John
and I had scouted out the area the previous Saturday with the camp ranger,
an American Indian. He suggested a particular site that gave a tremendous
view of the valley day and night. He indicated to my son John, how the
tents should be aligned around the Ramada.For those that are not familiar with a Ramada, it is just a roof, supported
by four columns. This one had a cement floor and was supplied with two
sturdy picnic tables. Along one side was a stone counter space with a
dropped cut out section to build your cooking fire in. It also had a water
spigot on one side of the stonework. It was a nice setup that the scouting
volunteers had done over the years.Friday night we met at the school. Several of the parents showed up
supplying the needed transportation, we reviewed details and distributed
maps on how to reach the camping site. We drove the twenty minutes through
the city and all arrive at the camp parking area. Some of the men helped
carry the heavier pre teen sex image camping equipment to the site. They also helped setting
up the tents. As darkness settled on the mountain slope, the parents
drifted off to the cars, saying they would return Sunday afternoon around
5:00 pm.The scouts of course were by this time settled in and I suggested we gather
some wood for a small campfire to enjoy some hot chocolate and discuss what
we were going to do on Saturday. The boys set to work and I stood back to
see how well they worked together. Not all sixteen boys were present and
some patrol members from one patrol of eight, worked with the other patrol
to accomplish the tasks. They were a good group of twelve and thirteen year
olds.We gathered around the campfire circle. I faced the boys across the fire,
and they sat in a semi circle on the other side, their pre teen lollita backs to the
magnificent scene of the city lights. The patrol leaders each explained
what their patrol was going to do the next day and the timetable. We
started singing some peppy songs and the Camp Ranger joined us for a few of
them. During one song, we heard the yowl of what I assumed to be one of the
local coyotes. The Ranger got up and said he had leave, he told the boys to
be sure to close and tie their tent flaps secure to keep out the coyotes,
he laughed and walked off into the night.The boys begged me to tell a story. They liked me telling the one about the
Indian Thugees of India and of course its hero, Colonel Caruthers of
British Intelligence. During the story, the fire burnt low, and the boys
all had a glazed look in their eyes as they traveled the story in their
minds. Directly across from me there was a space between two of the boys
and I thought I saw something stir in the darkness behind them. Slowly a
black and gray lobo wolf face appeared in the dim light of the campfire.Without breaking the tone of my voice I told the boys, "Boys there is a
visitor to our campfire and I want you all to remain motionless, don't talk
and don't move." Several of the boys turned their heads and looked around
and the wolf moved forward into the space between the two boys. He pre teengirl porn sniffed
each boy and looked up at me, then slowly backed out and off into the
night."Oh, my gawd, it was a coyote come to our campfire, Oh, my gawd! I was so
fucking, sorry Mr. Laetus, scared I almost wet my pants. I felt his breath
on my face." Brian was up and jumping up and down in place. He was that
excited. The chatter and excitement abound. The Ranger walked up to our
campfire. "Well, I guess you saw him! Our resident wolf! I'd heard him
howl earlier and went out looking for him."Chris overheard his conversation with me. "You went out looking for a WOLF!
You didn't have any gun, he could pre teen defloration pics have killed, Oh my Gawd,
my pre teen labia
parents will freak out. I'll never be allowed to go camping again."The Ranger was laughing, and he told the boys to calm down. He put some
wood on the coals of the campfire and the flames flicked up giving more
light. "If you will all sit down and be quiet, I'll tell you about our
resident lobo and what he's doing around your camp this evening.'The boys gathered around and settled down all leaning forward, eager to
hear the story. During the story we heard the lobo's howl off the canyon
walls behind us, and then down into the now quiet city below us. The ranger
told us to listen to the barking dogs and we could make out where the wolf
was traveling across the city looking pre teenager rusas for food scraps and marking his
territory. He got up, stretched, and told the boys they had better get to
bed, it was late and he was sure they had a lot planned for tomorrow.He sat with me as we finished the last dregs of hot chocolate. He asked
what tent I'd be sleeping in, and I told him I'd be sleeping under the
Ramada on one of the tabletops. "Good that will keep you above the
scorpions and other critters that roam in the night!" He chuckled, shook my
hand and walked off into the night. I banked and covered the embers of our
campfire with the sandy soil. I cleared off a tabletop, spread out my foam mattress and bedroll. I sat
and removed my boots, and stuffed my socks into the opening and placed them
on the seat next to me. I slipped out of my jeans and briefs, rolled them
up as a pillow and climbed up into my sleep sack. Sitting with my legs
inside my bedroll, I removed my shirt and slid down naked into the sack. I
was soon fast asleep, with the mountains pre teens galeries night sounds playing the symphony
of the west.I awoke early the next morning aware that the cooking crew was up starting
the charcoal fire for cooking. I smelt the last whiffs of our campfire as
some of the boys blew pre teen art erotic up the banked coals and started the hot water for
clean up. A couple of the scouts were trying to wash up at the spigot by
the counter."Scouts, you need to go to the latrine and wash shack up the hill! You
can't wash up at the kitchen sink. Now skedaddle, get a move on and underage pre teen pussy
let the
cooks get breakfast ready." I slipped naked out of pre teens nude china my bedroll and sat down
on it, pulling on my briefs and jeans. I was aware of the dead silence,
then my son's voice saying, "Oh, he always sleeps naked since I know'd
him." The sounds returned and things returned to what would be a normal
volume for this age group. As I pre teen twink models walked up to the wash shack, I was glad I
kept working out and in shape. I smiled as I overheard some of their
conversations, "Hey, did you get a gander at the banana hanging 'tween his
legs? Wow, John must be hung too, if his dad has that much!" "Naw, I saw
John's, its like a pink pencil with hair on the top!" snickers and
laughter. "Oh, you fuckers, knock it off and get breakfast ready, he'll
hear you!"After breakfast cleanup, the scouts pre teen nudity pics dispersed in every direction. I don't
think any canyon or alcove in the escarpment behind up was left
unexplored. The scouts were drifting into the campsite with bits and pieces
of treasures and keepsakes they had found in their explorations. I was
amazed at how they all seemed to assemble at noon for lunch. I had
volunteered to prepare lunch, to give them more time to explore. I had laid
out the lunch meats, cheeses, lettuce, slices of tomato, pickles,
condiments, and of course, loaves of bread. Did you know you can get ten
sandwiches from a loaf? I'd made up gallons of 'bug juice' a flavored trail
drink I had discovered while trekking the mountains of New Mexico.Needless to say, it was devoured pre teenporn
in seconds and the boys disappeared in a
flash, thanking me as they ran off to only they knew where. John and his
tent mate Cory Brown drifted back into camp, and Cory picked up his pack
and bedroll and they walked to the parking lot where Cory's father picked
him up and they drove off.John came back to the Ramada and sat down next to me. He looked at me and
asked, "Dad, you want to bunk with me tonight? Cory's gone and his place is
available, if you want, that is.""Hey that's a good idea John, I don't especially like to be exposed naked
to the guys. Did that bother you this morning?" I put my arm around his
shoulder and pulled him into me."Naw, it doesn't bother me, I've grown up with it. Did you know some guys
have never seen their Dads naked, let alone shower with them? I guess I've
been lucky, huh?" He hugged me tight and went off to join his buddies in
their quest for adventure. While he was gone, I moved my sleeping gear and
pack into his tent. I noticed that he had not rolled up his sleeping bag,
or aired out his jams. Well, I thought, he'll learn an object lesson
tonight when he slides into a damp cold best pre teen porn sleeping bag.The cook crew came into camp and started prepping the evening meal. They
were a good bunch and had taken my direction to heart. They were all
becoming skilled campers and close friends. They all lived in the same
neighborhood, went to the same school, played on the same soccer teams, and
had their special buddy to pal around with and go places. It was time femal pre teen I
planned interaction with other troops and stretch pre teen peeing stories their existing skills a
bit and hone their interest areas. It was time to start planning the big
summer camp event.I broached the subject that night at the campfire and threw out some
suggestions for them to think about over the coming weeks and to discuss at
their patrol meetings. I explained that they would need to start saving
funds, and gathering equipment, convincing parents that they could function
on their own for a whole week with out parents. That was all it took, their
eyes glowed and they eagerly chattered and pre teen video clip
yelped and traded thoughts and
places. I just sat back and smiled to myself, hoping that parent would lend
the needed support to make the venture possible, whatever place they
decided to journey too.The evening campfire died down and the boys drifted off in pairs to their
tents. Quiet descended over us and the night sounds could be heard. pre teen boy erection A
Scorpion skittered across the concrete floor of the Ramada. The crickets
chorus rose, night birds tweeter added accents, the wood and earth smells
rose, the chill started creeping into the air. The world here was at
peace. I sat on the tabletop and stared at the city lights twinkling below,
the dogs bark travel across the valley. I finished my tea, just as John
joined me. He sat next to me and told me, angel pre teen "It's time to sack out, Dad. Come
on to bed." We walked to his tent, I watched and held the tent flap as his
lithe trim body went in. He was developing into quite a lad. I crawled in
behind him and erotic fotos pre teens started stripping. I rolled out by sleep sack, and crawled
inside. It was nice and dry. I laid and watched my son strip and pull on
his damp pajamas. I smiled to myself as he slid into the damp bedroll."Did you check for critters before you slid into your bedroll?? pre teen private pedo
He jerked
his feet out quickly, then threw back the top and inspected for unwanted
visitors. Finding none, he smiled at me and pulled the top over
himself. "Night, Pop!" and we drifted off to sleep.I awoke with John shaking me. "Dad, I'm cold, can I crawl in with you? I'm
really cold and shivering.""Hmm, yeah, take off those pajamas and slid in next to me." He quickly
stripped off the jamas and threw them onto his bedroll. I held the flap of
my sack open and he slid in front of me, pulling the flap closed around
him. "Oh, gawd, I am so cold," and he snuggled his cold body back into
me. I had folded one arm under my head and was laying on my side. He pushed
his butt right in tight into my crotch, and my left arm came pre teenage nudist pictures down around
his stomach. He kept wiggling his butt into my crotch and my rising cock
soon slipped between his legs just below his ass cheeks. He seemed
satisfied, then grabbed my hand and pushed it down to his hardened penis. I
automatically grasped it and he let out a satisfied sigh. "Oh boy, I
thought I'd freeze it off, your hand is so warm Dad, thanks for letting me
sleep in with you." \"Hmmm, yeah! Are you settled in?" I inhaled the scent of his boyhood hair
resting just below my chin. I felt his body relax as he absorbed warmth
from my body. The shivering stopped and he was drifting off into sleep. His
arm slipped back to pull my hips closer to him. His hand caressed my bare
ass cheek. We drifted off to sleep.I was aware of John's butt slapping my stomach. I awoke fully to realize my
left hand still surrounded his boy penis and he was humping my fist. I was
also aware that I had boned up during the night and my cock was riding
between his thighs and under his ass cheeks. pre teen ukranian models
Man, it felt good, but I
realized I was in trouble.I mumbled sleepily, "Feel good, son?" He continued his thrusts into my
fist. I relaxed and tightened my grip sending more sensations into him. His
butt was keeping a steady rhythm on my extended cock."Oh, yeah! This feels real good, don't stop till I come!" He speeded up his
thrusting."What, what did you say?" I was aghast. Did I just hear my son ask me to
bring him off, to give him an orgasm?"Don't let go, I'm almost ready. Shit Dad this is so cool, squeeze tighter,
jack me!" He moaned. I flipped pre teen photo gallery
back the bag top just as he climaxed,
spurting his thin boy juice out of the sleeping bag, pulling his ass and
thighs off my cock and he thrust his hips up and forward. Then I realized
my fist was milking the last of his honey.He sat up and looked down at me. "That was so kewl, really satisfying,
Dad. Thanks! Hey, look I got sticky stuff between my legs." His hand wiped
some up and brought it to his face, he experimentally licked at it with his
tongue. "Tastes a little salty, yet sweet. Not bad." He was staring at my
obvious inflated prick, and it was dripping lubricating cum from the
slit. His finger shot forward and wiped some from the tip. It went right
from there to his mouth and he sucked on it. My pre teen thumbs free cock got harder. I realized
my son was sexually turning me on.I decided to become vietnamese pre teen pics clinical, and told him, "that my boy, is lubricating
fluid produced from the cowper's gland naughty pre teens located just below your
prostate. Some call it a mucus or pre cum fluid, honey, man juice, spoonge,
and some other names I'm not familiar with. It's designed to ease
intercourse between a man and women when they have sex to procreate. I
think it is time I gave you a book to read, "Sex and the Single Man" by
Dr. Albert Ellis. It will answer some of your questions and give you some
ideas on how to conduct yourself."John looked at me. He was smiling. "Well, I guess you know now that I've
been experimenting with sex, so I guess I might as well tell you
everything. Cory and me, well we just started talking about girls and what
we'd like to do and well, we got boners and then decided to beat our meat
like the older guys kidded us about. It felt Horny pre teen girl real good and I felt better
afterward, all relaxed and stuff. So did Cory. Well, we got together a
couple of times later. Cory suggested we get naked and do it. So we did and
it was better, especially when Cory reached hentai pre teen pussy
over and skinned his hand up
and down my boner. I did it to him and then just gripped his with my fist
and jacked him. He shot all over us. Then he grabbed my dick and fisted me
real good and I got this tremendous feeling and I shot my jism on us.""I'm glad you're telling me this. It's natural for two guys to experiment
that way. There is nothing wrong with you doing it. And Cory is quite a
hunk, and a buddy. Right?" I smiled down at my teenager. Yeah, he was
coming of age. I could see it in his body, his muscularity developing, his
interests going everywhere, his experimenting. My boy was becoming a man."Dad," he looked into my young nud pre teens
eyes, "some day I want to experiment with you. I
heard something about "gay" guys and what they do. Will you show me?""Yeah, I will! I'd be proud to do it when you are ready, you know, older. I
want you to promise me you will talk to me first before you go and try
that. There is a lot that you need to know and I want to be the one to tell
you about it. Now promise, promise me you and Cory won't go any farther
that jerking off together." I looked at him sharply, waiting for him to
answer. Up to now, I knew I could trust him to keep his promise. I felt
secure that he would keep anything he promised. We were very open to each
other and we discussed just about anything he came up with. It was a mutual
trust that developed between us."Yeah, I promise. I just heard these wild rumors about what guys were doing
in high school, like in the showers after practice or after a game." I
grabbed for him and pulled him close. I knew what he was talking about, I'd
learned about it myself, but later than fourteen. Hell, I was na

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